Our children

Our children are the heartbeat of the ministry! Providing them a safe and healthy environment to express themselves while learning who God is, is vital to the development and maturity. Our goal is:

  • To develop and teach them how to have a relationship with God.
  • To show them how to share and care for others through the word of God.
  • To provide simplistic teaching and interactive learning and fellowship
    with one another.


We desire for our space to be where kids feel both emotionally and physically safe and we accomplish this by leveraging a check in system through our Church Trac that allows our trained volunteers keep track.


We create class environments and lesson materials to meet the needs and interests of the specific age and developmental stage each child is in and specific classes for our Youth and Young adults.


We provide opportunities for each child to build relationships with others and deepen their relationship with Jesus allowing them to serve in various church roles during “Youth Sunday” as well as serve in the community during our volunteer events.  


We are excited about the opportunity to share in your child’s walk with Christ and pray you will consider our Youth & Children Ministry as an intricate part of your child’s life.  We recognize that God has called parents to be the primary faith-nurturers of children, therefore, we choose to partner with each family as they provide spiritual direction for the next generation.