Our Commitment

to the work of ministry

We are a “Growing Church doing Great Things!” We believe without a doubt that God will do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine.

To Our Community

Our community is our priority and we continue to fulfill our commitment to our community in all that we do! We are maintain a presence that is realized through outdoor events, community giveaways, evangelism and resources. It is our intention meet, reach and teach our community neighbors providing a safe and welcoming place to worship and serve God.  

To Our Family

Family is vital to the health and strength of our ministry. We are a family church full of love and we want that love to be expressed in everything we do.  As we regain ground for opportunities to fellowship with each other in a safe and social distancing conscious environment, we will continue to build personal ministries that reach the wholistic family such as our Singles, Married Couples, Men & Women Ministries. In addition, functions that address the social and economic needs of our congregational and community that address mental health, life awareness, Health and financial prosperity and personal care.

To Generation Next - Our Children

Our youth We will remain intentional in providing services and events designed to reach, teach and build our next generation giving more focus to what they need while encourage them to stay connected to God. We are committed to growing our youth and encouraging them in their relationship with Christ, encouraging them to be active in ministry, involved in service, providing vital teaching as Generation Next!